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Updated: May 2

It's not just a catch phrase, it's our mantra.

Don't like Movement is Medicine? Fine...then "Motion is Lotion," or "Movin' is Lubin'"...yes, I said lubin'


Movement is medicine for a reason. There are thousands of research articles that support the health benefits of movement & exercise. These benefits include mental health, physical health, retention of memory, improved focus, decreased pain, warding off chronic diseases, weight management, improved mood & libido, and the list goes on...

NOTICE...we did not say "Exercise is Medicine" (although we think it is, and it's really all just semantics). We emphasize the word MOVEMENT to keep it simple. Most of the above benefits do not demand Herculean exercise efforts. In most cases, even small increments of activity have been shown to have a positive effect.

Small steps toward a more active life transform into big health gains over time.

How to get your daily does of MOVEMENT 101:

1. Find a motivator. If feeling like crap isn't enough of a motivator, try setting a goal you'll have to work towards, or get an accountability partner to keep yourself in check.

2. Leverage your aches and stiffness as cues to move around, not as signals to take a load off and rest more. This works great for my desk workers, truck drivers, and people who's job requires them to sit all day long.

3. Get up every hour & MOVE. You don't have to go "workout," just take a 5 minute stroll, stretch, or go clean something. It really is that simple.

4. Block off time in your week to do intentional movement (aka go workout). And when you block off time, tell someone else that you have blocked off time so they can help keep you accountable to actually show up to your "appointment" with exercise. 5. If you're not a gym person, don't fret! Ever heard of "farm boy strength?" You think those farm boys (or gals) got strong by hitting the gym & flipping tractor tires 10-20 hours a week?? NO, they did physical driving post holes, lifting/carrying/moving objects from point A to point B, pulling calves, throwing hay, building fence etc.... And if country work isn't your flavor of analogy, insert "go do yard work, housework, play with your kids, play a recreational sport....etc. Just go DO the things, the things you enjoy.

HOLD UP... Let's talk about a few PRECAUTIONS: Since movement is medicine, remember to take the proper dose. It's fair to say that MOST people under dose exercise & movement. But just like medication, you can definitely OD on it as well. The people that may have issues with over training are probably not the ones reading this blog because they fully understand and embrace the benefits of exercise. There are also some cases where an individual may have a certain illness, chronic condition, or diseases that would warrant only certain types of movement/exercise, or decreased doses. It's best to always consult with your healthcare provider to properly prescribe & dose what movements are best for you.

Last but not least... Remember that movement & exercise are NOT THE ONLY MEDICINE. At the end of the day, it's all about a balanced lifestyle if you want to optimize the human experience. Exercise must be balanced with other meaningful activities such as building & maintaining relationships, rest, family time, work, play, and doing what makes you happy.

- Dr. Jodi Hierholzer, PT, DPT, CSCS

Our mission at BODY WORX PT is

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